Moving Pets To or From Singapore

Ricted Kennels Pte Ltd recognizes the need for safe and comfortable pet relocation to and from Singapore. We provide comprehensive services to make sure your dog or cat is relaxed and secure during the flight. We also assist in obtaining travel requirements so you don’t have to worry about any hassle during check-ins or pickups. More importantly, we have a strong global network to make sure that your pet is in good hands throughout its journey.

Services Provided

We take pride in our complete pet relocation services that include the following:

  • Ground and Air Transport

Our team of pet movers arranges ground (including long-distance) and air transport to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort while it’s on its way to you or other destination. We take care of the requirements and administrative work to make your pet’s travel as fast and convenient as possible.

  • Boarding

If it’s needed, we provide accommodations for dogs and cats prior to or after the flight. Our facilities are equipped with the comforts and necessities that will make your pet’s temporary stay a comfortable one.

  • Modified Kennels

We provide modified kennels for pets with unique travel needs. Our crates comply with IATA standards, so you don’t have to worry about your pet having too little space to move around during the flight.

  • Quarantine Facility

In Singapore, Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station (SAQS) is the sole quarantine facility for pets arriving in the country. If your pet is bound for another country that requires quarantine, we will contact a government-approved facility in that country to take care of your pet during this period of isolation.

Singapore’s Import and Export Rules and Requirements

All pets entering, departing, or transiting in Singapore must have the following:

  1. Microchip

Microchip serves as a form of identification for your pet. The microchip the vet uses should be in compliance with ISO Standard 11784 or 11785.

  1. First Rabies Vaccination and Certificate

This certificate must indicate the microchip number, validity of the vaccination, and the inoculation date. The first rabies vaccine should be older than four months to qualify for the 10-day minimum  quarantine period.

  1. Second Rabies Vaccination and Certificate

For import into Singapore, the second rabies vaccine must be older than one month if you want your pet to qualify for a 10-day quarantine period.

  1. Rabies Serology (FAVN) Test

You need to present a proof of FAVN test taken within six months before the export.

  1. Vet Health Certificate and AVA Veterinary Certificate

These are the standard health certificates from a veterinarian that must be issued within seven days of the flight. They must also state that they treated your pet for internal and external parasites within two to seven days of the scheduled flight.

  1. Import Permit

You must get an import permit before your pet’s arrival in Singapore.

  1. Six Months Continuous Residence in Country of Export

You should obtain a certificate from your veterinarian stating that your pet resided continuously in the country of origin for the six months before departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I prepare my pet for the flight?

We recommend reducing your pet’s food intake prior to the flight. This is to avoid any potential gastrointestinal distress during travel. Also, if your pet has never been in a crate, we suggest that you start getting them used to their new crate, as soon as possible.

  1. How do I select a kennel for my pet?

Purchase a kennel with enough space for your pet to stand and sit erect, to turn while standing, and to lie down comfortably.

  1. Should I sedate my pet prior to the flight?

No. IATA and its constituent carriers strongly discourage the use of sedatives and tranquilizers for pets going on a flight, as these drugs may cause adverse effects during transport.

  1. Is my pet allowed to enter Singapore?

There are certain breeds of cats and dogs that are banned in Singapore. If you’ll move to a private home in the country, you’re allowed to have up to three dogs (but, this number also depends on the breed of your dogs).

But, if you’re moving to an HDB residential flat, check out this list of approved dog breeds.

  1. Can you check my pet transiting in Singapore?

If your pet has at least six hours of stopover in Singapore, we can visit and care for them, take them for a walk, and clean their crate so they will have the utmost comfort for the next part of their journey.

If you want to know more about our services, give us a call, today.

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