Ricted Kennels—One of the Pioneer Pet Movers in Thailand and Singapore

Ricted Kennels Pte Ltd is one of the leading pet movers in Thailand and Singapore. We provide pet relocation services that ensure comfort and safety of your pets as they travel from door to door or  airport to airport.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand that relocating can be stressful both for you and for your pet. So, we provide expert handling and care to make the travel easier for your beloved pet—and to give you the peace of mind you need. Plus, with a strong global network, we provide the best possible transport assistance, no matter the destination.

Our Services

We arrange ground and air transport for dogs and cats of all sizes. Our team takes care of all the administrative work, including inspections, clearance, and other necessary documentation. As premier pet movers in Bangkok, we are aware of the pet travel requirements of different countries; thus, we can guide you accordingly.

We also offer the following services:


If you need a temporary home for your beloved dog or cat before or after travel, we have quality boarding facilities. We offer different accommodations, depending on the size and individual needs of your pet.

Custom/Modified Kennels

We provide modified kennels to suit your dog or cat’s size and unique needs. Our travel crates comply with the requirements of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which ensure that your pet has enough space to stand, sit erect, and lie in a natural position.

Government-Approved Quarantine Facility

If your pet’s destination requires a quarantine, we will arrange for your pet to settle into a government-approved facility during the quarantine period. Also, we will deliver them to you or to the destination you specify after the quarantine.

Our Locations

We have offices and boarding facilities located in Thailand and Singapore. So, generally, we arrange pet relocations from these two countries to anywhere in the world and vice versa. In addition, we accommodate dogs and cats with a long layover or transit time in Singapore.

About Ricted Kennels Pte  Ltd

Over the last three decades, we have continually raised the standard and quality of the pet business. We are one of the pioneers of pet relocation services, helping many owners reunite with their furkids across the globe. Our core business is to provide pet owners with the peace of mind they need during their pet’s journey.

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Dear Joanne and Thierry,

Back with some connections !
We would like to thank you very much for the outstanding organization to relocate our animals.
All our pets travelled very well and arrived happy to our home in Switzerland. The parrots have to remain in the small travelling cage until their cages arrive (April 13). We thus let them out a moment Morning & Evening in the room. Overall, they handle it quite well.

- Marco (To Geneva)

Thank you so much to you and your team for ensuring Sheeba's safe transfer. Sheeba arrive in fantastic condition today - happy & well-rested. It was a huge relief for us to have her arrive safe & sound. Thank you for making it possible.

- Trisha (To UK)

Thanks Joanne for all your help and the wonderful care Jumble has received at your kennels over the years. I think he is going to go mad when he gets here and sees the space he has to run around and not as hot :).

- Donna (To UK)

Oreo was delivered to the owner’s house this morning. The owner expressed their appreciation for your kind assistance and guidance.

- T.J (From Malaysia)

I highly recommend Ricted Kennels import services if you are moving your pet to Singapore. They helped us move Louis, our French bulldog, from the
Netherlands to Singapore (which, given his breed, was highly problematic;
many airlines won't fly them due to snub nose dog breathing difficulties).
Joanne Lim was particularly fantastic. It was clear that she loved animals, knew what she was doing, had good contacts and so when problems did arise (including one where it became impossible to export him from where we were living at the time), she was able to come up with solutions that worked. And she was particularly patient in answering my endless queries on the day of the flight and after. Ricted arranged for photos of Louis to be sent as soon as he was met at the airport and again when he was in quarantine (where I arranged for someone from Ricted to visit him when we could not). It was a great relief to be able to see that he was healthy straight after his 12 hour flight and to see where he was staying. I cannot praise high enough the service that was provided by everyone all at Ricted Kennels. Thanks to all.

- Judith (From Netherlands)

Thank you so much for sending Monty safely to me. My daughter is very very happy to see him again.

- Melissa (To Canada)

Thank you again for handling Saartje to Holland! She came out of her cage, relaxed and happy! Now it's time for our other dog to come! We are planning on bringing her over on the 1ste of August. Could you arrange everything for us as you did with Saartje?

- Radinum (From Brunei to Netherlands via Singapore)

I want to THANK YOU for the great care you took of Fin and his travels back to the US. I appreciate all the extra effort you all put into making his trip as safe and as comfortable as possible. He arrived totally unscathed and other than being hungrier than usual he seemed completely fine. He had a seizure two days after arriving but that would be expected. Thank you again - it was a pleasure working with you.

- Halia (To USA)

Thank you very much for the good news and pictures. I would like to thank you for your patience and provisional guidance through the whole process - this is much appetite from fellow pet lovers.

- Constant (From South Africa)

Thank you Ricted for taking great care of Mushi at your boarding place. He became heavier! It was great to work with you guys for Mushi move to Manila.

- Jeremy (To Philippines)

Thank you all for bringing Flash to us. He is much ‘prettier’ than we thought and doing fine. Looks quite settled and started to eat hungrily within the hour. I walked him around the neighbour last night and this morning. It’s amazing that I have never met anyone and communicated only a few times but everything is done seamlessly and like clock- work. Thank you Joanne for all the coordination and paper work here and Linus who brought the dog to us. This is six * service. We will be enjoying the dog for a very long time.

- Daniel (From Australia)

We are so happy to see Fifi at the quarantine station. A big thanks to you and your team for making it happen. We will definitely use your boarding kennels when we travel. Counting down to see her at our home.

- Leslie (From Italy)

Mimi and my family thank you for bringing us back together once again. We were so elated when we see Mimi.

Janice (From UK)

We just wanted to say thanks for all the help with the move to Saudi with Willow. What could have been a disaster went very smoothly. Both my husband and I were impressed by your professionalism and the efficient way you handled everything. It kept us calm. Willow is happy and running around the new house and garden but I think she misses Singapore! It is very quiet here not much activity for her to observe. All the best to you and everyone else who helped with Willow.

- Ann (To Saudi Arabia)

Rocket made it home safely. He knew us straight away and has made himself at home like he never left! He is receiving lots hugs and attention and getting used to the Australian sounds and smells. Big thanks to you all for looking after him so well in Singapore. We know he was well cared for at Ricted. Thanks to Joanne for kindly sending updates to us we really appreciated it. It's a long process but worth it. We soon will getting a guide dog puppy to raise so he will have a little sister to play with.

- Marie (From China to Australia)

I wish to extend my many thanks to you and your staff for your efficiency and effort you have put in to make my 3 cats come home to Singapore on time.

- Philip (From Malaysia)

Many thanks for taking care of Sable, much appreciated.

- Jackie (To India)

It was great to have you help me with Bibi and Bailey move. It was a pity that we did not use you from the start, otherwise they should be here earlier. Thank you for your help in answering my many questions. You are very professional and we will definitely recommend you to my friends.

- Sarah (To Australia)

Thanks for getting everything sorted out so quickly. It was his first time flying and we are so worried about him. But you guys at Ricted had help to ease our mind. Appreciate that.

- Andrew (To Frankfurt)

Thanks. Arrived safe and well and very relaxed. I would recommend you to all my friends. You provide a great service. Thanks to you, Linus and Joanne.

- Nina (To UK)

Thank you for taking good care of Shiraz for the past few months. We are so glad that we have decided to use your company and have Shiraz is in your care. Everything seems simpler. Thank you for bringing Shiraz home to us.

- Kumar (From India to Australia)

Thank you for providing such good and pleasant experience for us once again. The kids are home now, they are happily running in our big garden.

- Mavis (To New Zealand)

Hello Ricted! We were so busy unpacking our home and took a long time to drop you a very BIG THANK YOU! Lucky has settled in his new home and we will use you again when we return to Singapore.

- Elizabeth (To UAE)

The birds arrived safely last night--thanks so much for everything!

- Janey (To USA)

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