Pet Boarding Services

A hotel exclusively for your beloved pet…

It is crucial to select a temporary home for your beloved companion carefully. Here, we strive to provide beyond the basic necessities. Ample space, sufficient exercise time, fresh air and close to nature… it’s all at Ricted Kennels.

We offer a choice of different accommodations for our ‘guests’, depending on the size and individual needs of your pet. Each guest is entitled to his privacy, with more than sufficient space for a nap, meals and relaxation. The rooms are climate-controlled for your pet’s comfort.

As there are limited lodging spaces available, please do contact us at 6338 7665 for availability. Transportation arrangements (with additional charges) can be made.

We have the following boarding facilities:

  • air-conditioned kennels for small dogs
  • air-conditioned kennels for large dogs
  • non air-conditioned kennels for small dogs
  • non air-conditioned kennels for large dogs
  • air-conditioned cattery
Requirements For Guests

For doggie guests

  • must be fully vaccinated (incl. yearly vaccination and protection against kennel cough)*
  • have a valid licence issued by AVA (optional)
  • treated for protection against external parasites (e.g. Frontline etc)+

For kitty guests

  • must be fully vaccinated*
  • treated for protection against fleas (e.g. Frontline etc)+

* – available at the veterinary clinics only
+ – available at our petshop

Health and Welfare

Your pet’s well-being is our #1 priority. Our facility provides for a clean, fresh air environment, and lots of attention and activity, essential to your pet’s good health. Our staff will be interacting with your pet throughout the day, talking, petting and walking (dogs), grooming or playing.

Each pet is checked daily for cleanliness, health and emotional well-being. Problems are brought to the manager’s attention for correction. Medical problems which affect your pet’s health or comfort will be referred to the veterinarian. Other problems or conditions we notice will be explained to you when you pick up your pet.

Special Care/Handling

We know from experience that boarding is a little harder on the seniors of the pet world, convalescing pets and first time boarders of any age. For pets on several medications, or with certain health conditions, or behavior problems this may be mandatory. Therefore we have made special provisions for their needs:

  • Quiet, cozy atmosphere
  • Careful monitoring of eliminations & behavior
  • Fussing with diet and hand feeding if needed
  • Prescribed diets or home cooked meals (to be provided by owner)
  • Attention to hygiene-baths if needed Lots of TLC!
What to bring (Optional)

For doggie/ kitty guests

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Pet bed/ Towels
  • Toys etc.
Items you need not bring

For doggie/ kitty guests

  • Pet bowls
  • Litter and Tray (Kitty) as these are provided.
Other services (with additional charges)
  • Bath/ Grooming
  • Additional daily walks
  • Administering medications

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